Avni’s identity truth hurts Bebe in Naamkarann


Riya gets Avni’s pictures and shows to everyone. She tells everyone that Avni is actually Ashish’s illegitimate daughter. Bebe gets hurt knowing this truth and feels Avni has lied to her till now. She says Avni is also like Shweta, who cheated her. Bebe throws the photos in front of Avni. Ashish and Aisha’s relation gets questioned again. Avni and Neela try to explain them. Shweta asks Avni to stop her drama now. Shweta says Avni is an illegitimate child of Ashish and Aisha. Avni tells Bebe about her parents, who truly loved each other and lost their lives while wishing to do her Naamkarann. Neil’s entire family gets against Avni.

Prakash is also hurt and asks Ananya why did she hide this truth, is she not Ananya. Avni says I m Avni Aisha. They get to know Avni was just taking revenge from Dayavanti and used Neil. Riya talks negative about Avni. Avni gets a shock seeing Riya’s truth. Riya provokes Bebe more. Avni tells Bebe that she wanted revenge from Dayavanti, who snatched her brother. She says Dayavanti has snatched my family, she has tried to kill me by shooting at me, if I did not had to take revenge from her, I would have died before. Prakash asks why did you lie, why did you hide truth and cheat us.

Avni begs them to accept her, as she has seen family’s love for the first time in her life. She tells them that these relations mean a lot to her, she has seen a true definition of a father, and grandmother. Shweta tells her that they will not accept her now. Bebe sees the evidences and is much hurt. Bebe gets sick and unable to bear this truth. Avni gets emotionally broken. Avni gets to see Ashish’s letter, and reads that Ashish has given her his name. She feels happy in that shattering moment. Shweta asks Neela to take Avni and leave.


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