Ishita affirms Adi-Ruhi’s innocence in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Adi and Ruhi reveal what they have seen on Mani’s murder night. Adi stops Ruhi from telling the truth, assuming that she has killed Mani. Ruhi asks Adi to let him explain. Ruhi tells Ishita that she has seen Mani with some lady in the market. She wanted to confront Mani on why he is cheating on Shagun.

Ruhi meets Mani and confronts him about his affair. Ruhi tells him that she has seen him in the market when he was romancing a lady. She asks him how can he cheat Shagun. Ruhi tells Mani that she will tell truth to Shagun and then he has to clarify things. Mani stops Ruhi from spoiling his plan. Mani gets angry on her. Mani threatens to kill her, as she has seen his truth. Ruhi gets the knife to stop him. Mani hurts her to stop her from reaching Shagun. Mani beats up Ruhi, till she faints. Later, when Ruhi gets conscious, she finds Mani murdered. She sees the same knife she has held, and cleans her fingerprints from it. Adi then comes there and spots Ruhi running from the crime scene.

Ishita can’t believe Ruhi’s side of story. Ruhi tells Ishita that she is not lying, Mani has really attacked her. Adi tells Ishita that watchman has seen Ruhi, and he was blackmailing him, so he has given money to watchman and stolen the register. Adi says Raman is doubting on me as I have withdrawn money from office accounts. Ishita says that’s why Raman was reacting such and wanted to stay in jail to save Adi. Adi and Ruhi clear out to Ishita that they did not kill Mani. Ishita consoles them. Ishita asks them to support her and find the real murderer. Ishita meets Raman and tells him that Adi is not involved in Mani’s murder, he was afraid for Ruhi, who was present in Mani’s house at that night. Raman tells her that he was just doing a father’s duty and protecting Adi. Ishita and Raman face a tough time.

Shagun tells Ishita that Ashok is filling rubbish in her mind. Ishita clears Shagun’s doubts. She asks Shagun to stay away from Ashok. Shagun is sure that Ashok won’t hurt her. Ishita takes Shagun to a hypnotherapist to know her past, and what she has seen on that night. She asks Shagun to go for this session to relieve her stress. Shagun agrees to her. Ishita attempts to know what Shagun has seen. Shagun gets flashes of that night. She sees Mani and Ruhi’s fight. Shagun gets flashes of Mani’s murder.


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