Ali tries to set everything right in Naamkarann


Ali refuses to help Shweta. He hides Avni’s birth certificate. Avni sees them talking. She finds Ali hurt and cares for him. Avni and Neil’s friendship makes Ali realize his mistake. Shweta tells Ali that she will work out her plan any how. Ali tries to stop Riya. Dayavanti gets help from a jail inmate Gurumaa. Avni does the aid to Ali’s wound. Ali is hurt knowing Shweta’s plans. He fails to tell Neil and Avni about Shweta. Avni tells Neil that her friendship with Ali is very strong. Ali wants to make things fine for Avni.

Riya and Shweta get into an argument. Shweta asks her to leave from her house, once the party gets over. Riya agrees to her. Dayavanti is angry as Ali backed out and cheated them. Dayavanti provokes Riya for executing her plan against Avni. She asks Riya to insult Avni and make her out of Neil’s family. Riya agrees to her. Neil, Ali and Avni present Shweta and Prakash’s love story, bringing delightful moments for everyone. Riya finds out Avni’s childhood pictures to use against her. Shweta and Prakash get remarried with Bebe’s blssings. Riya is sure that Avni’s life will be ruined once these pictures are out to Neil’s family.


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