Ishita and Adi search for real culprit in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ishita learns that Shagun has taken the murderer’s picture in her phone. She recalls the police investigations. She has got Shagun’s phone from inspector. Ishita tries to find out the murderer. She just checks the picture and thinks to share the info with inspector. Ishita is glad that Shagun could help them a little. She fails to see the face of the murderer clearly. The school mates insult Pihu and blame Raman for the murder. Riya takes Pihu’s side and supports her against everyone. She remains Pihu’s true friend. Ishita tells inspector that Shagun has seen the real murderer. He asks her to get Shagun here and make her give the statement, else the solid evidence will be required. He tells her that this proof goes against Raman, she should better talk to Shagun and remind her the past.

Ruhi thinks of Mani’s murder. She hopes things get sorted soon. Ruhi’s car breaks down. Ishita gets upset that Shagun’s hypnotherapy did not help. Ruhi happens to meet Nikhil. Nikhil gets drunk. Ruhi asks him to share any problem, why is he sinking himself in wine. Nikhil refuses to share anything. Ruhi finds him suspicious. Adi checks the murderer’s picture well and tells Ishita that this can’t be Raman. Adi and Ishita find about the shirt brand. They try to find out who has bought that particular customized shirt. They fail to get the proof and reach point zero again.


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