Rudra finds a way to get Bhavya back in Ishqbaaz


Anika tells Omkara and Rudra about her lie. They ask her how could she tell Shivay about her fiance, if they can arrange anyone for Shivay on his request. Anika asks them to help her. She is hurt that Shivay does not believe her. She tells them that Shivay has doubted on her, so she has lied to him in anger. Rudra says Shivay will not leave her in peace till he meets her fiance. Vikram falls in love at first sight with Anika. Vikram meets with an accident. Anika helps him out.

Anika takes Vikram to the hospital. She gets relieved that he is fine. She hears about Vikram, a business tycoon. She learns about Vikram’s good deeds. Anika tries to hide from Shivay to avoid telling about his fiance. Shivay senses Anika and catches her. She makes him busy in her nonsense talk, while Shivay asks her about her fiance. Anika lies that Vikram is her fiance. Ragini asks Anika what does she know about Vikram and how. Anika tells all she has heard about Vikram. She manages to keep her lie on. Shivay decides to meet Vikram. He asks Anika to call Vikram.

Omkara and Rudra miss out their partners. They realize Gauri and Bhavya’s value in their lives. Shivay asks Omkara and Rudra to follow their heart and get their love back. Rudra reaches Bhavya and apologizes to her. Jhanvi tells Shwetlana about Tej’s spirit. Shwetlana does not believe anything rubbish. Tej scares them. Shwetlana tries to find about Tej. It turns out to be Tej and Jhanvi’s plan to settle scores with Shwetlana. Omkara imagines Gauri with him. Rudra leaves a message for Bhavya. He asks her to come back home if she wants the footage chip, which has the evidence against her parents’ murderer. Bhavya agrees to meet Rudra.


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