Advay teaches a lesson to Pratham in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3


Indrani had kept a Jhulan rasam for Chandni and Pratham. A special swing is made for Chandni. Everyone is happy for Chandni. While she sits in the swing, Advay stops Pratham from doing the rasam along with Chandni. The swing begins to rise up. Advay does the rasam with Chandni, after she calls him for help. Chandni has called police to get Advay arrested. She wants to expose his truth. She fails to prove anything. Indrani asks Chandni to answer what is she doing. Inspector asks Chandni is she is doing any joke. Chandni tries to explain what she has seen, the evidence against Advay. Chandni gets speechless.

Advay reveals to Chandni how he has burnt the passports locked inside the box. Pratham and his mum get upset and leave from the rasam. Indrani also gets annoyed with Chandni. She asks Chandni to stop it now, and not create any more issues. Meghna and Shikha support Chandni. Later, Pratham does Naagin dance. Advay has given him Bhaang laddoos to bring out his true colors. Pratham wears a dupatta and dances with Shakun. Chandni gets embarrassed. Advay is taking revenge with Pratham, who was trying to get close to Chandni. Advay could not see Pratham teasing Chandni. He feeds the wine to Pratham. Advay teaches a lesson to Pratham.


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