Avni wishes to get Neil’s support in Naamkarann


Avni’s problems get high. Avni has lost Bebe’s trust. Shweta’s taunts trouble Avni. Avni reveals her identity truth to everyone. Shweta says we are not fools to melt by your fake tears. She is sure that Bebe will not believe Avni again. Bebe tells Avni that she has done wrong to hide the matter from them. Prakash supports Avni and asks Bebe to hear Avni once, they can understand their helplessness. He asks Bebe to give a chance to Avni. He says Avni has hidden truth, but her intentions were not bad.

Bebe tells Prakash that shoe’s place is in feet, not on head, even if the shoes are new. She is much hurt and compares Avni with Shweta, both are liars. Prakash could not explain Bebe. Avni misses Neil. Neil is not at home, as he has gone to catch a criminal named Raghu pandit. Avni wants Neil to come and solve this problem. Avni feels secured with Neil. Neela did not think Bebe will react in such a way. She tells Bebe that Avni was going to tell them truth after the party. Bebe does not want to accept Avni. Aman supports Avni and does a brother’s duty.


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