Dadi to make Anika realize truth in Ishqbaaz


Everyone gets the bad news of Shivay’s accident. Anika can’t wait to see him. She fears for his life. Dadi and everyone console Anika. Anika can’t believe all the happening. Dadi explains Anika that they are made for each other, Shivay’s anger, happiness and persona returned on her return. She reminds what happened to Shivay when Anika went away. She says we got our Shivay back because of you, you both are soul mates, nothing will happen to him. Gauri asks Anika to meet Sahil.

Sahil has come with a rakhi to celebrate Raksha bandhan with Anika. Gauri tells her that Sahil is waiting for her, they have to be normal in front of him for his happiness, else he will also lose his happiness. She asks Anika to be strong. Anika celebrates Raksha bandhan with Sahil. Rudra sheds tears in worry. Omkara is sure that nothing happened to Shivay, else they would have felt it by heart. Omkara tells Rudra that Shivay is fine, he will be coming home soon. They give strength to Anika.


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