Avni loses all her precious relations in Naamkarann


Neil gets to know all the drama happened at home in his absence. Bebe and Shweta have made Avni leave from the house. Bebe has sent Neela, Avni and Aman from the house. Neil learns the entire incident after coming back home. He gets a huge shock knowing about Avni’s insult. Neil turns depressed. He wishes to meet Avni once. He gets surrounded by Avni’s memories. Shweta comes to talk to him. She asks him does he care for Avni, who did not love him, her love was a cheat like her identity. She fills poison in his mind against Avni.

Neil could not see Shweta speaking against Avni. Shweta curses Avni. Neil gets angry on her. He asks her not to point finger at his wife, better see what she did, she cheated him by insulting Avni in his absence. He tells Shweta that she has cheated her son, by being unjust towards his wife. He wants to sort out the problems and balance things between Shweta and Avni. Neil wants to keep his duties towards all relations. Shweta asks how can you blame me. She does emotional drama. She does not want Avni to come back home. She fails to influence Neil. Neil angrily goes to meet Avni. Neil will be getting Avni home.



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