Riya accomplishes Dayavanti’s revenge in Naamkarann


Neela tries getting Neil and Avni together. Neela says Neil said he used to hate you before, now he does not hate you. She asks Avni to go to Neil and ask his feelings. Dayavanti recalls Ashish and is furious on him, for doing such a big mistake to give his name to an illegitimate girl. She seeks Gurumaa’s help. She shows attitude to Gurumaa. Gurumaa thinks to test Dayavanti’s loyalty. Dayavanti does not want to give any test. She is proud to be blessed by Devi Maa.

Avni thinks to reveal her truth to everyone, so that her relations get strong. She takes Ali’s help. Bebe blesses Shweta and Prakash. Neil leaves for interrogating a criminal. Riya plans to expose Avni’s truth in front of Bebe. Avni tells her decision to Ali that she can’t lie to everyone more, she can’t cheat the loving family. She is sure that even family will accept her, as Ali and Neil accepted her with her identity. Amol plans to get rakhi tied by Avni. Riya stops him from checking the envelop, which she kept for Bebe. Ali apologizes to Avni. Bebe sees Avni’s childhood photos with Ashish and Aisha.

She asks Neela to answer about Avni’s parents. Neela tells them that Ashish had just one wife Aisha. Bebe asks if Ashish married Aisha. Neela tells her about Ashish and Aisha’s soul relation. Bebe calls their relation illegitimate. Avni and Neela face humiliation in the party. Avni keeps her entire truth in front of them. Shweta dismisses Avni’s true efforts in keeping relation with them. Shweta calls Avni an illegitimate child. Riya too withdraws support from Avni. Avni tries convincing them. Bebe refuses to accept Avni as her bahu.



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