Shagun to marry Ashok in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ashok plans to take Shagun on his side. Ishita reminds Shagun is married. Ashok reminds Mani is dead and now Shagun is a widow. He is sure that Shagun will not regain memory. He tells them that he will marry Shagun tomorrow. Ishita angers on him. Shagun tries to judge if Ashok is rich and financially secure to marry her. Shagun gets to see Ishita and Raman’s marriage picture and faints. Ishita gets the picture and tries to normalize Shagun. Shagun gets doubtful on the family, for hiding something from her. She tries to evaluate if Raman has moved on and married Ishita, why did they keep her here.

Adi warns Ashok against his plans. He asks Ashok to stay away from Shagun. Adi does not want Raman to fall in any trouble. Ashok demands a big amount to leave from Shagun’s life. Ishita sees Shagun frustrated. Shagun tells Ishita that she is thinking to marry Ashok. She thanks Ishita for saving her life. She asks Ishita to settle in life. Ishita tries to avoid the talk. Shagun tries knowing if Ishita is married to Raman. Ruhi asks Shagun not to force Ishita for anything. Shagun vents out her anger on Ruhi. Ruhi feels miserably guilty. Ishita asks her not to blame herself. Adi cheers Ruhi by telling about Raksha bandhan. He tells her that he will also tie a rakhi to her, as she always protects him. Ishita feels proud of her children. Ishita makes a plan to trap Ashok. She thinks Shagun may recall everything by the marriage setup.


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