Shagun learns Raman-Ishita’s marriage truth in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Shagun returns; New twists ahead

Ishita has learnt about Adi and Ruhi’s innocence. She still does not know how to keep them away from Mani’s murder case. Raman wants to do a father’s duty. Ishita and Raman secure Adi and Ruhi, knowing police will doubt on them knowing about their presence in Mani’s house that night. Ishita still tangled in finding the culprit. Shagun gets few flashes of her past, but none helps in proving Raman innocent.

Shagun believes in Ishita after the latter saved her life. Shagun does not know Ishita is Raman’s wife. Ashok proposes Shagun for marriage. Shagun gets in a dilemma over accepting his proposal. Ishita does not let Shagun nod to Ashok. Shagun dwells in the past phase of her life. Ishita thinks of hurrying and finding some way to get Raman freed from all blames. Meanwhile, Ashok plays safe and gets erasing all the evidences that could save Raman. Shagun gets to see Raman and Ishita’s marriage pictures, which Ruhi had hidden randomly in the room. Shagun gets a doubt about Ishita, and finds Ishimaa name familiar. She learns about Ishra’s marriage. Ishita worries for Shagun’s mental health. Will Shagun recall the past? Keep reading.




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