Vikram ‘happy’ to become Anika’s fiance in Ishqbaaz


Shivay tries getting Gauri back in Omkara’s life. He informs her about Omkara’s exhibition. He invites her. Gauri feels Omkara won’t be happy seeing her. Gauri visits the exhibition and gets to see her painting. Omkara sees Gauri and admits that he was wrong to not value her before. He apologizes to her. He tells her where she stands in her life. He asks her to see all his paintings, which shows her importance. Omkara stops her from leaving. Gauri is glad that Omkara has turned into an artist again. Gauri leaves from there when Omkara gets busy. Rudra tells Omkara that Gauri will surely come back.

Anika boasts of her fiance Vikram. Shivay asks her to invite Vikram for dinner. She tells him that Vikram is busy in business meetings and he is out of country. Shivay asks her to see how Vikram comes on his invite. Anika gets a shock on seeing Vikram. Shivay and Vikram have a mutual admiration for each other. Vikram admits that he is Anika’s fiance, which shocks her more than Shivay. Shivay was hoping Vikram to bring out truth of her lie.

Shivay gets angry on Rudra. He informs about Vikram coming home and proving Anika was saying true. Rudra too gets a shock realizing Anika’s fiance has come. Rudra tells Shivay that Anika is lying. Shivay gets jealous seeing Anika with Vikram. Rudra feels Vikram is acting for money. Shivay tells him that Vikram is a billionaire. Shivay keeps an eye on Anika and Vikram.

Vikram tells Anika that he has just lied as she does. She asks him why did he lie. Vikram tells Anika that he has lied to save her. She asks him why is he helping her. Vikram tells her that she has helped him too. He genuinely helps her. Shivay asks Vikram to stay back for dinner. Vikram agrees. Anika asks Vikram to go and do his work. Vikram decides to stay for dinner. Vikram does not want Shivay to doubt on them. Anika feels things are spoiling much. Shivay tries to know their love story. Anika and Shivay have an argument. Shivay cools her anger. He advises them to get married. He asks them to marry if they are serious about their relation. He tests them if heir lie comes out. Anika lies that they are serious and want to marry. Shivay asks Anika to get married then. He tells her that he will do all the arrangements of her marriage.


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