Bhairavi snatches Bharadwaj house in Sasural Simar Ka


Sameer’s mum has come in Bharadwaj house. She makes the family leave from the house. Everyone gets homeless. Sameer’s mum Bhairavi started troubling them. Sanjana says this is my Sasural, I m Sameer’s wife. Bhairavi asks Sanjana to stay with them. She has a motive to stop Sanjana. She will control Sanjana and use her in taking revenge from Simar.

Simar gets a bad dream. She gets a shock. She screams, while the family comes running to give her attention. Simar rests in Mata ji’s lap and cries. She fears for Sanjana’s life. She asks Piyush to get Sanjana home, she is in problem. She does not want Sanjana to live with Sameer and Bhairavi. She wants to see Sanjana once. Piyush stops Simar from going back home. Piyush consoles Simar and makes her sleep. He curses himself being helpless and failing to do anything for his family. Piyush says I m son of this family and not able to do a son’s duty, he is not able to help them. Roshni asks him not to feel guilty. Mata ji overhears Piyush and Roshni’s conversation. She tells Piyush that he did not fail in doing his duties, he is with them and supporting them, that’s all matters.



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