Uma’s decision brings new twists in Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji


Uma and Kanak reach the temple to celebrate Teej festival. Kanak wants to break all ties with him. She does not know its Uma’s plan. Uma does not give her the shop completely, being afraid that Kanak will leave him once she gets the shop. Kanak checks the papers well and loses temper. Kanak and Uma have to share the sweet shop now. Ved and Vansh witness the money. Kanak gets angry on Uma and breaks their ghat bandhan. Their relation gets spoiled.

Kanak holds Uma’s collar and vents out anger on him. She shows him the property papers, which has his signs. She says this shop is on my name legally, you can try much, but our relation can never join now. She got property papers and felt much confident. She was dreaming to get the shop. She got violent being unable to bear the things any more. She tells Uma that she will never share the shop with him, as its close to Bhabho’s heart. She throws the papers on Uma’s face and leaves with her brothers. Uma partially holds legal rights on the shop to make Kanak keep their marriage. Will Kanak accept Uma? Keep reading.


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