Chandni fails to prove Advay wrong in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3

iss pyaar

Chandni gets stuck in an odd situation. She refuses to take Advay’s help. Indrani requests Advay to save Chandni if he can. Advay uses his math skills and saves Chandni, after hearing she is scared of heights. Everyone witnesses Advay’s heroic act. Chandni then seeks his help. Advay assures his support and calms her fears by giving strength. Advay and Chandni have a romantic moment, and also fulfill the Jhulan rasam unknowingly. Chandni does not know it was all planned by Advay. Chandni calls police to expose Advay, without thinking that this would affect her family respect too. Pratham’s mum insults Indrani.

The family asks Chandni about calling police. Advay acts humble. He tries to ruin the proof inside the box. Chandni manages to run with the box. Chandni blames him to have secret motives for using multiple identities. She gets the glass box to expose Advay’s truth, but fails. Inspector gets angry on Chandni for time passing. Indrani gets disappointed with Chandni. Chandni could not prove anything she wanted, and gets embarrassment for everyone. Advay manages to save himself.

Chandni loses everyone’s trust. Indrani does not support Chandni this time. Chandni gets much hurt. She tries talking to Indrani. She feels like failing Indrani’s hopes. Chandni taunts Advay on celebrating his victory by breaking her heart and relations. She remarks he has no relations in his fate. Advay feels sad and thinks of the family he lost because of Chandni.


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