Harman rescues Soumya; Bangkok track ends in Shakti


Soumya is getting auctioned by Maharani. Maharani tags her a price. Soumya gets scared when someone fixes her price. Harman finds the agent and beats him, trying to know about Soumya. Harman reaches Soumya and gets a huge shock seeing Soumya caged. Soumya performs with the bar dancers. Harman heroically holds Soumya’s hand in front of Maharani and all the goons. Harman bids for Soumya. He wins the bid and tries to take her from there safely. Soumya refuses to go with Harman. Maharani asks Soumya to go, Harman has bid the biggest amount. Maharani does not identify Harman. Maharani sees Harman and Soumya going.

Maharani gets to know Harman is not a buyer, he is Soumya’s husband. Maharani sends her goons to stop Harman. They kidnap Soumya again. Harman beats the goons and follows Maharani. Harman threatens Maharani and beats her agent. Maharani worriedly tries to run away. Harman calls cops on right time. The police arrests Maharani and her agent. Harman saves Soumya and other girls from the hell. Soumya apologizes to Harman. Her annoyances with Harman melt down. Harman and Soumya unite. He will be taking Soumya back to India. Bangkok track ends in Shakti.



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