Rishton Ka Chakravyuh: Anami gets her family


Maharani Satrupa gives birth to twins, a boy and a girl. She gives away her daughter to her loyal maid, in order to save her daughter’s life from long running customs that a baby girl does not see the sunrise after birth. Satrupa keeps her son, who was much awaited by the royal family. After 20 years, Satrupa’s son Vatsal becomes the legal heir of the family, while many greedy relatives eye the throne for their selfish motives. Young and innocent Vatsal does not know about the posing dangers over his dead. Vatsal is announced as the heir, and heads to Banaras for the puja. Satrupa’s maid has given the baby girl to a pandit, who happens to be famous in Banaras. Pandit Murari raises Satrupa’s daughter and names her Anami, one who rises above all and reigns. Anami is fearless and confident. She is not scared of anyone.

The story revolves around two characters, Anami and Satrupa. Anami regrets to be born to a selfish woman, who abandoned her after birth. Anami does not know the other side of the story. Anami has a complaint with her Lord. She wanted to be born in pandit’s family. Anami gets much love by her foster parents. She still finds her birthday a bad occasion, which reminds her mum’s selfishness. Vastal gets killed in an accident planned by his greedy uncle, who thinks he will get the throne and heir-ship after Vatsal’s death. Satrupa finishes Vatsal’s final rites. Satrupa falls in depression. Satrupa does not let any wrong person get the powers in hand. Satrupa reveals about her other child, her daughter. She then gets a hope by Anami, who could be a savior in such tough times. Satrupa meets Anami and gets her back home. Anami’s hatred for Satrupa gets high.



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