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    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik helps Singhanias in the marriage functions, while Naira impresses Dadi by managing work. Naira does duties of Goenka’s bahu. Naira selects the rings for Kirti and Naksh’s engagement. Manish asks Naira to call Kartik home, as he has some duties towards family too. Naira manages everything and relieves them from stress. Kartik happens to see Naksh’s video, but gets interrupted before watching it. Kartik worries for Naira, who is having many responsibilities. Rajshri realizes Kartik has come with them to fulfill duties. She finds Naira lucky to have such a life partner. She tells him about Naitik and Akshara’s bond which reflects in Kartik and Naira’s relation. He asks him to go and meet Naira. Kartik finds her cool to suggest such things. Kartik thinks to meet Naira and surprise her. Naitik stops Kartik and seeks help.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Shagun finds something is wrong. She spies on Ishita. She learns Ruhi is Ishita’s daughter. She doubts on Ishita for having some relation with Bhallas. Shagun does not hear the complete truth. Adi and Ruhi try to limit Ashok from marrying Shagun. Aaliya thinks to take help from inspector to stop Ashok. Ishita tells everyone that even if they pay money to Ashok, he will marry Shagun. She speaks to inspector about Raman’s parole. Inspector asks her to work out her plans soon, else Raman will always be in jail. He asks her plan to stop Shagun and Ashok’s marriage. He reminds her that Shagun’s memory recovery is very important.

    Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3:

    Chandni gets stuck in an odd situation. She refuses to take Advay’s help. Indrani requests Advay to save Chandni if he can. Advay uses his math skills and saves Chandni, after hearing she is scared of heights. Everyone witnesses Advay’s heroic act. Chandni then seeks his help. Advay assures his support and calms her fears by giving strength. Advay and Chandni have a romantic moment, and also fulfill the Jhulan rasam unknowingly. Chandni does not know it was all planned by Advay. Chandni calls police to expose Advay, without thinking that this would affect her family respect too. Pratham’s mum insults Indrani.


    Ragini gets the necessary things for Anika’s engagement. She tells Anika that once she marries Vikram, Shivay will be marrying her. Anika was hoping Shivay will stop the drama. Ragini tells Anika that Shivay ordered her dress and jewelry. Anika gets upset. Dadi asks Omkara to help Shivay and Anika unite. She does not want to see Anika’s madness. She wants the marriage drama to end as soon as possible. She is hurt that Shivay is planning Anika’s engagement again. Omkara feels Shivay has lost it completely. He assures Dadi that he will stop Shivay. Pinky is happy that Anika is going forever. She taunts Anika that she is marrying Vikram for the sake of money.


    Bebe and Shweta humiliate Avni. Bebe explains why Avni is called illegitimate. Shweta insults Aisha. Ali and Aman defend Avni. Shweta does not accept anything. Dayavanti escapes from the jail and meets Gurumaa. She goes to meet Raghu pandit. Avni fails to convince Bebe and Shweta. She accepts her mistake to hide the truth from them. Bebe calls Avni a mistake, which was committed by Aisha. Ali loses his cool on hearing such bad remarks on Aisha and Avni. Shweta breaks Avni’s heart by her constant taunts. Neil is on a mission to catch Raghu pandit. Neil and DD reach the dhaba and lay a trap for the criminal. Neil misses Avni. He thinks to give her a call.


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