Shivay to become a wrong target in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz: Shivay's shocking methods to settle scores

Ragini gets the necessary things for Anika’s engagement. She tells Anika that once she marries Vikram, Shivay will be marrying her. Anika was hoping Shivay will stop the drama. Ragini tells Anika that Shivay ordered her dress and jewelry. Anika gets upset. Dadi asks Omkara to help Shivay and Anika unite. She does not want to see Anika’s madness. She wants the marriage drama to end as soon as possible. She is hurt that Shivay is planning Anika’s engagement again. Omkara feels Shivay has lost it completely. He assures Dadi that he will stop Shivay. Pinky is happy that Anika is going forever. She taunts Anika that she is marrying Vikram for the sake of money.

She feels Anika is a gold digger. Anika gets fed up of hearing Pinky’s nonsense. Pinky misunderstands Anika again. Anika does not care what Pinky thinks about her. Anika feels Pinky least loves Shivay. She calls Pinky a selfish woman to ruin many lives for her wish. She shows the door to Pinky. Omkara gets a surprise when Gauri comes back home. She tells him that she has come back to do a bahu’s duty. Omkara is sure to win Gauri’s heart this time. Gauri and Rudra start making plans to unite Shivay and Anika. Gauri tells him that she will solve all problems. She plans to stop the engagement. Shivay gets attacked, while he drives his journey in Bhavya’s car.


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