Colors’ Mini Spoilers


Dil Se Dil Tak:
Shorvori is much upset. Teni’s truth has come out. Teni’s marriage falls in trouble. Parth consoles Shorvori. Dada ji asks Teni and Aman to leave for US. Teni is sad as she does not want to leave from Bhanushali family. She tells Parth and Shorvori that she is very happy that she is finally going US, this was her dream to go there. She pretends to be strong. She does not want Parth and Shorvori to get emotionally hurt. They have done a lot for her. Teni hides her sorrow from them.

Karan and Naina’s marriage functions are going on well. The chunni rasam is done by Nirmala. Dada ji tells the importance of this rasam to Karan and Naina. He says they are accepting someone’s daughter home, so they have to vow to protect her from every calamity. Karan and Naina had a fight and are not talking to each other. He is upset with Naina and shows attitude. Naina tries to talk to him. Karan has his ego. Meghna knows Saavri is the reason for their fights.


Sasural Simar Ka:
Bhairavi has become the owner of Bharadwaj family. She says I have called Sanjana home. She is upsetting Simar by using Sanjana. She wants to hurt Simar by hurting Sanjana. She makes Sanjana wear shagun bangles. The bangles blast. Sanjana’s hand burns. Bhairavi does not call any doctor for Sanjana. She knows Simar will face troubles when she knows about Sanjana. Sanjana tries to spy on Bhairavi. She sees a shadow at the door. She goes to find Bhairavi’s secrets. Bhairavi sees Sanjana spying on her and scolds her. She asks Sanjana did she learn spying from her mum. She knows Sanjana has some motive to stay with them. Sanjana has a plan in her mind.



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