Finally, Shagun regains her memory in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ishita attempts to make Shagun regain her memory. Shagun gets her marriage certificate. She gets flashes of her marriage with Mani. She couldn’t tolerate the burden on her fragile mind and breaks down. Ishita calls for an ambulance to take Shagun to hospital, but Ashok stops Ishita. Ashok says I will marry Shagun today itself, call the doctor here. Ishita asks him to stay away. Ashok attacks on Ishita for ruining his plan. Adi and Bala stop Ashok. Ashok does not listen. Inspector witnesses Ashok’s deed. Ishita complains about Ashok. Ashok tells inspector how Ishita is using Shagun to save her husband. Ishita says Ashok knows Shagun will never marry him if she gets her memory back. Inspector permits them to take Shagun to hospital. He gives a warning to Ashok.

Ishita worries for Shagun, who could have any negative affect by her plan. She did not wish Shagun to get a mental shock. Kiran bonds with the kids, which upsets Mrs. Iyer. Kiran gives her hope that everything will get fine. Mrs. Bhalla blesses Kiran for her efforts and love towards kids. She asks Mrs. Iyer to think good for children, who would get a mum in Kiran. Mrs. Iyer refuses to accept Kiran in their life. Mrs. Bhalla tries convincing her. Shagun gets treated at the hospital. Doctor suggests them not to force Shagun. Shagun gets conscious and talks to doctor. They all try to know if Shagun regained her memory. Shagun remembers Mani, which makes Ishita and Aaliya hopeful. Shagun tries to recall about Mani’s murder night.



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