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    Naamkarann: Neil sees Raghu pandit’s gang people and tries to nab them. Avni apologizes to Bebe for lying to her. She tells her that she is not proud of being Aisha’s daughter. She tells how Dayavanti punished her by stopping her Naamkarann and ruining her life. She asks Bebe to punish Dayavanti instead her. Bebe tells Avni that Aisha was a characterless woman. Prakash stops Bebe from hurting Avni more. Gurumaa manages to escape from Neil’s sight. Dayavanti falls in trouble. Prakash feels Avni did not had bad intentions to hide the truth. Bebe does not want any bahu like Avni.


    Shivay’s car meets with an accident. Anika senses him to be in danger and gets restless to see him once. She asks Omkara to find Shivay. Omkara calms her fears. Omkara and Rudra cancel Anika’s engagement. They ask Ragini to stay out of their family matter. Ragini asks about Anika’s engagement, if Shivay has already decided it. Pinky supports Ragini. Omkara does not want Ragini to become Shivay’s wife. He warns her against her plannings. Everyone learns about Shivay’s accident. Bhavya tells everyone that Shivay has taken her car today, which met with an accident.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

    The Singhania family leave for a puja. Kartik happily does the rituals with Naksh, paying honor to him. Goenkas get glad seeing colors coming back in Kirti’s life. Dadi thanks Naira for all her help in the alliance. Dadi tells Naira that she has made Kirti ready, but could not focus completely on Kirti. She does not want Naira to look better than the bride. She gets annoyed with Naira. Naira feels bad and thinks to remove her jewelry. Suwarna observes Naira’s sadness. She apologizes to her for Dadi’s deed. Naira understands Dadi’s point and asks Suwarna not to worry. Suwarna feels proud of Naira.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Ishita attempts to make Shagun regain her memory. Shagun gets her marriage certificate. She gets flashes of her marriage with Mani. She couldn’t tolerate the burden on her fragile mind and breaks down. Ishita calls for an ambulance to take Shagun to hospital, but Ashok stops Ishita. Ashok says I will marry Shagun today itself, call the doctor here. Ishita asks him to stay away. Ashok attacks on Ishita for ruining his plan. Adi and Bala stop Ashok. Ashok does not listen. Inspector witnesses Ashok’s deed. Ishita complains about Ashok. Ashok tells inspector how Ishita is using Shagun to save her husband. Ishita says Ashok knows Shagun will never marry him if she gets her memory back. Inspector permits them to take Shagun to hospital. He gives a warning to Ashok.


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