Shivay’s accident news breaks the family in Ishqbaaz


Shivay’s car meets with an accident. Anika senses him to be in danger and gets restless to see him once. She asks Omkara to find Shivay. Omkara calms her fears. Omkara and Rudra cancel Anika’s engagement. They ask Ragini to stay out of their family matter. Ragini asks about Anika’s engagement, if Shivay has already decided it. Pinky supports Ragini. Omkara does not want Ragini to become Shivay’s wife. He warns her against her plannings. Everyone learns about Shivay’s accident. Bhavya tells everyone that Shivay has taken her car today, which met with an accident.

Anika’s fears turn true. Omkara and Rudra console her. Pinky gets an opportunity to do good mum’s drama and blames Anika for upsetting Shivay and making him fall in danger. She asks Anika to leave from the house. Omkara and Rudra support Anika. Anika is sure that nothing can happen to Shivay. Shakti controls Pinky’s madness. Bhavya feels guilty that the attack was planned to kill her, and Shivay has become the target. She does not want the family to shatter because of her. She does not wish Oberois to face similar pain like her. Dadi explains Anika that Shivay and her are soul mates, she has come back as Shivay’s life. She asks Anika to have hope, Shivay will come back. She suggests Anika to reconcile with Shivay on his return. Anika agrees to forget everything once she meets Shivay. She just wishes Shivay’s safe return. Sahil comes home to celebrate Raksha bandhan with Anika. He looks for Shivay. Rudra tries to divert Sahil. Omkara and Rudra give strength to each other.

Anika feels guilty to come back in Shivay’s life. She thinks she should have told truth to Shivay, than doing a drama of fake engagement and marriage. Gauri pacifies Anika in tough times. She asks Anika to have faith in Lord. Omkara asks Rudra to see help from Bhavya. Shivay does not come home soon. Rudra tells Sahil that Shivay has gone to get a gift for him. They all hide the matter from little Sahil. Everyone misses Shivaye. An emotional moment follows. Anika and Sahil celebrate Rakshabandhan. Gauri asks everyone to make things look normal to Sahil. Anika gets scared when Shivay’s news doesn’t come. Anika feels incomplete without him.


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