Uma attempts to earn Kanak’s trust in Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji


Maasi and Uma come to Rathi house with Teej shagun. She asks Bhabho to accept it and keep their respect. Bhabho apologizes to Maasi and says I have to think for Kanak’s happiness, you take the gifts back, I did not think of Kanak’s happiness till now, but today nothing is important to me than Kanak’s happiness, I request you not to force her with this relation, give her freedom from this marriage, I will not let you take Kanak. Maasi gets angry on this insult. She scolds Uma for this. Uma explains Maasi. Maasi says I have come here on Uma’s saying. Uma apologizes. He says Kanak does not know entire truth, that she is part of our family. She gets food plate. Maasi asks Kanak how can she have food, she should have kept Teej fast. Kanak refuses to do any Teej puja or fast. Maasi asks Bhabho not to insult them more. She praises Uma for trying to save Kanak’s family.

Situation between Kanak and Uma turned bad. Everyone is trying to make it better. Bhabho does not want to force Kanak for anything. Maasi asks Bhabho to give one last chance to Uma who wants to save his marriage with Kanak. Bhabho is supporting Kanak. Uma thanks everyone for their decision to support Kanak. He is glad that Kanak has a wonderful Maayka. He is sure that Kanak will keep the Teej fast for him. He believes he has made a place in Kanak’s heart. Maasi and Uma leave from there.


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