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    Meri Durga: Sanjay apologizes to Durga and asks her for a chance to be a good friend. Durga does not forgive him, as he has been too harsh on her. Sanjay lashes his anger out on Aarti, who cheated him till now. Durga recalls what all she has gone through till now. Sanjay feels guilty to withdraw support when Durga needed him the most. Durga’s innocence comes out in front of everyone. After Sanjay resigns from presidentship, Samrat gets elected as the new president. Aarti confronts Sanjay for saving Durga. He asks her if she knows meaning of trust, why did she lie to him till now. He hates Aarti for her cruel intentions. He hurts Aarti.

    Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3:

    Advay turns crazy to accept pain from Chandni’s side and walk on the glass pieces to fulfill the rasam. Chandni asks him to think well, he will have to bear much pain to fulfill rasam. He accepts Chandni’s challenge and gift. Chandi gets touched by Advay’s step. Everyone gets astonished when Advay heroically completes the rasam. Advay has one motive to win Chandni’s heart and then break her down. Chandni feels sad seeing his injured feet.


    Avni does not want to put Neil in Ashish’s situation. She tells Neela that same thing happened with Aisha. Neela asks her not to make stories that justifies her actions. She tells Avni that her future is in her hands. She asks Avni to accept Neil till she has time. Shweta tries to make Neil against Avni, by speaking against her. Neil tells Shweta that she did wrong by insulting his wife in his absence, she has cheated him and made him ashamed of his upbringing. He asks her to better watch her own actions. She asks Shweta how can she point finger at Avni, why did she not control her bad actions. He fumes on Shweta’s misbehavior. Bebe learns Neil’s annoyance with Shweta.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

    Kartik and Naira fall in trouble while getting the ring. Everyone finds them missing from the puja. Kartik gets hurt more while saving Naira. The families spot them falling down a tree and save them. Naira asks Kartik to tell everyone what happened. Kartik denies everything. Naira tells about Kartik hiding the ring in balloon. Everyone sees their long arguments. They realize everyone is watching them. Ananya tells everyone that Kartik and Naira want to get engaged again. The families decide to get them engaged. Suwarna gets the rings for them. Kartik gets glad. KaiRa gets re-engaged and celebrate the special moment again. Everyone blesses them. Dadi feels bad that Naira has stolen all the attention from Kirti. She thinks the day belonged to Kirti. Kirti and Naksh are happy for Kartik and Naira.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Adi stops Ashok from meeting Shagun. Ashok wants to marry Shagun so that Raman does not get help from Shagun. He tells Adi that he loves Shagun and he has to meet her anyhow. Adi does not let him reach the house. Ishita tries to make Mrs. Iyer and Mrs. Bhalla patch up. Both the families celebrate Rakshabandhan together. Shagun asks everyone about Mani. She misses Mani on the occasion. Ashok shouts out to Shagun asking her to come out. Adi threatens to call police. Ashok leaves from the place. Shagun realizes someone was calling her out. Adi lies to Shagun about Ashok.


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