Naamkarann – Dayavanti to smash Avni’s happiness


Dayavanti takes help from Gurumaa after proving her loyalty. She asks Gurumaa to kill Neil, so that her enemy Avni loses all the support. Gurumaa promises to fulfill this task. She sends her goons to attack on Neil. After Avni and Neil’s musical tashan at Ali’s cafe, Neil leaves from there. Neil gets attacked by Gurumaa. Neil lands in hospital in an injured state. Avni gets him for treatment. Avni gets restless to know about his state. She asks doctor about Neil. Doctor tells Avni that Neil’s operation is done, but Neil has to get conscious within monitoring time, else he can slip in coma.

Avni asks Neil to come back from death for her sake. She cries asking Neil to come back to her. She tries much to make him get conscious. She is in much tension and prays for him. She asks him to not leave her if he is her real friend. She wants to apologize to him. She asks Neil to wake up. Shweta and Bebe come there and see Neil’s state. They cry for Neil. Aman has joined hands with Dayavanti, and helped Gurumaa and Dayavanti in planning the attack on Neil. Avni is glad to get Aman in her family.

Neil has convinced Avni and got her home. Neil is bit upset with her. Shweta and Bebe have accepted Avni only for the sake of Neil’s happiness. The entire family does Janmashtami puja together. Neil and Avni do the aarti. Neil is angry with her. Avni is happy to get Neil and his family back. There is awkward silence between them. Bebe refuses to bless Avni. Prakash blesses Neil and Avni. Avni wants Neil to understand her decision. Dayavanti returns in her life to give her worse punishment than death. Will Avni know Aman’s truth? How will Avni deal with Dayavanti this time? Keep reading.



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