Neil finds out Riya’s planning against Avni in Naamkarann


Avni does not want to put Neil in Ashish’s situation. She tells Neela that same thing happened with Aisha. Neela asks her not to make stories that justifies her actions. She tells Avni that her future is in her hands. She asks Avni to accept Neil till she has time. Shweta tries to make Neil against Avni, by speaking against her. Neil tells Shweta that she did wrong by insulting his wife in his absence, she has cheated him and made him ashamed of his upbringing. He asks her to better watch her own actions. She asks Shweta how can she point finger at Avni, why did she not control her bad actions. He fumes on Shweta’s misbehavior. Bebe learns Neil’s annoyance with Shweta.

Aman tells Avni that he has got his first salary for her as a gift. Avni gets glad. Aman cheats her. Avni cherishes their moments. Prakash asks Neil to meet Avni again and try to convince her. Neil is invited as the chief guest in the Janmashtami pandal, where Aman is planning to set a bomb. Avni comes to see Aman’s research. Aman hides everything from her and burns his hand with a chemical. Avni gifts him a bike.

Nanno asks Ali not to be upset. Ali feels guilty to lie to Avni. He thinks he is responsible for everything. Neil tells Bebe that he has not left any letter and photos for her. Neil argues with his family in Avni’s defence. Ali admits that he was supporting Shweta and Riya to get Avni and break her marriage with Neil. Nanno feels upset hearing his misdeed. Neil checks the letter, and tells Prakash that he has not written the letter. They realize someone planted the letter to defame Avni. Nanno asks Ali to hide this truth, else Avni will lose trust in friendship. Bebe finds out that Riya got the letter. Neil decides to get to the roots of Riya’s planning.


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