Shagun reveals Mani’s murder truth in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

YHM: Shagun teams up with IshRa; Sudha gets targeted

Adi stops Ashok from meeting Shagun. Ashok wants to marry Shagun so that Raman does not get help from Shagun. He tells Adi that he loves Shagun and he has to meet her anyhow. Adi does not let him reach the house. Ishita tries to make Mrs. Iyer and Mrs. Bhalla patch up. Both the families celebrate Rakshabandhan together. Shagun asks everyone about Mani. She misses Mani on the occasion. Ashok shouts out to Shagun asking her to come out. Adi threatens to call police. Ashok leaves from the place. Shagun realizes someone was calling her out. Adi lies to Shagun about Ashok.

Ishita makes a story about Ashok shouting for his loss. Adi and Ruhi celebrate Raksha bandhan by tying Rakhis to each other. Ishita congratulates them. Ruhi forgets to get any gift for Adi. Ruhi and Adi have a fight. Shagun gets a bouquet and reads the threatening note from the murderer. She recalls Mani’s murder. She breaks down recalling the murder night. Shagun weeps for Mani. Everyone consoles Shagun. Aaliya asks her to recall the murderer’s face. Shagun shockingly reveals that she has killed Mani. Ishita realizes Shagun is saving someone and lying to them. Shagun tells everyone that Mani was attacking Ruhi and she has seen them. She tells she had to defend and save Ruhi’s life. Ishita tells Shagun that she has not killed Mani, but someone else is the murderer. She shows the picture Shagun clicked by her phone. She asks Shagun to recall well. Shagun fails to recall the murderer.


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