Advay and Chandni to connect by sorrow in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3


Chandni expresses her feelings in front of Advay. She sheds tears and fails to control her sorrowful emotions. She tells Advay that she was much scared when Pratham was trying to act cheap. Advay hugs and consoles her. He asks Chandni to get out of the trauma, Pratham did not even touch her. He tells her that he was keeping an eye on Pratham, since he knew Pratham is a cheapster. Advay was watchful of Pratham’s plans. She tells Advay about her trauma when she got kidnapped before. She says someone kidnapped her and locked her in room for few days, just to defame her. Advay gets angry knowing this. He did not wish his Chandni to go through all this.

Chandni then reveals how Pratham spiked her drink and tried to misbehave with her, which just added up to her trauma. Advay doubted on Pratham’s bad intentions when Pratham took Chandni along by making a silly excuse. Advay thinks how did Indrani allow Pratham to take Chandni. He doubts Indrani is dealing Chandni for her greedy motives. Advay beats up Pratham. Advay saves Chandni and gets her back safely. The painful twist bring them closer.

Indrani’s true face gets revealed. She is Chandni’s stepmother, who has ruined Chandni’s childhood. Mama ji knows Chandi just loves Dev. He confronts Indrani and says Chandni has blamed Dev’s mum for wrong things because of Indrani’s lies to Chandni. He tells her that she can never be loyal to anyone, she has separated Chandni and Dev in childhood. Chandni did not know the truth about Dev’s mum and she has just believed Indrani while testifying about Dev’s mum. He says Dev’s mum lost her life because of Chandni’s statement, Chandni did not know Indrani is a cheat. Indrani acts like a great sacrificing figure. She tells Mama ji that she has done this for her family, she did not do anything wrong in taking over Mahant’s family status. Mama ji asks Indrani to change before someone opens her eyes and shows her only destruction.



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