Saavri’s master plan to stop Karan-Naina’s marriage in Swabhimaan


Karan and Naina were waiting for their marriage. They reach the marriage mandap. They start the marriage rituals and take the rounds. But, there comes a twist. Police comes to arrest the groom. Pandit tells Karan that he can’t leave from mandap, he has to do rituals, it will be abshagun if he leaves. Dada ji asks inspector what’s the matter, why did he come. Inspector apologizes to him and tells him that Saavri has blamed Karan. Kunal asks inspector what did Karan do.

Inspector says we came here to arrest Karan, Saavri has filed molestation charges on him. The family gets a shock by the blame. Dada ji gets worried. Kunal asks inspector does he know what is he saying. Inspector asks them to cooperate with police. Naina shows her trust in Karan, who wonders why did Saavri take such step. Naina understands Saavri has done this to stop their wedding. She does not want Saavri to succeed in her motives. Naina gets adamant that marriage won’t stop, marriage will complete without any hurdle. Naina declares Karan won’t go without the marriage rituals completion. Naina and Karan get married.




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