Chakor and Suraj’s Singham avatar in Udaan

Udaan: SuKor's remarriage, Gumaan's revelation and more...

Chakor and Suraj have a romance. Suraj wants Chakor to stay with him and spend time. He does not want the moments to pass. He wants to live all their moments, which just belongs to them. He refuses to send her alone anywhere. Chakor gets some work. She tells him that he can’t come with her everywhere. He asks why not, I married you and its my duty to protect you. She asks him not to worry for her. She asks him to get a baraat for her and she will come in doli to his house, its matter of four days then none can separate them.

Suraj tells her that he won’t leave her, he is in tension as she can get attacked again. He asks her not to go to her Maayka. He tells her that death has to be cheated by them, but life should not cheat them. Chakor says I have to meet Imli, you don’t worry, I will be fine. She does not have tension. Everyone does not know they got married secretly. She tells him that she has to stay in her Maayka till they formally get married in front of everyone. Chakor convinces Suraj.

Bhaiya ji threatens Chakor again. Chakor gets angry on him and shows her Singham avatar. She aims the pistol at Bhaiya ji, and tells him that he can shoot her if he comes between Suraj and her. Suraj beats up Bhaiya ji and asks him how low can he fall to get after his bahu’s life. Bhaiya ji gets provoked to kill Chakor. He learns Suraj and Chakor’s secret marriage truth. He does not want anyone else to know this and send away Chakor from Suraj’s life before their formal marriage.

Suraj, Chakor, Vivaan and Imli do Janmashtami puja. Suraj and Chakor have a romantic moment. The couples swing the Kanha idol and do puja. They are very happy and look forward to welcome Imli’s baby. Imli and Vivaan will be blessed with a baby soon. Bhaiya ji organized a Dahi handi competition. All the village kids compete to win the prize and become the Kisna. Imli and Vivaan leave from the celebrations. Chakor feels something is bothering Imli. Keep reading.


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