Divorce and deceive to shock Maya in Beyhadh


Maya gets arrested. She is brought to the court for a hearing. People protest against Maya. Maya is handcuffed and feels helpless to control her anger. Maya rages on the people for spoiling her name. She wants people to understand her, even if she is wrong. She has crossed all limits to get her love. The people angrily try to beat her. Arjun decides to give her divorce. Maya’s lawyer defends Maya and asks the people to go to circus if they want to see any drama. Saanjh exposes Maya’s truth in the court. She says Maya is very clever planner. She calls Jhanvi as the witness who would reveal Maya’s truth. Maya learns her own lawyer has cheated her.

Maya’s lawyer apologizes to Arjun. Maya’s lawyer withdraws support when Maya angrily attacks her in the court. Maya’s madness gets witnessed by everyone. Maya gets broken when Jhanvi comes in the court and proves that Maya is a big threat for the society. Jhanvi gives statement against Maya. The judge gives a new date for hearing. Arjun tells Maya that he will end her misunderstandings and free her. Arjun hugs Maya and tells her his decision to take divorce from her. He shows the divorce papers, leaving her shocked. Maya realizes she has signed on divorce papers, when the lawyer asked her to sign some legal papers. Maya can do anything, but not free Arjun. Maya will be planning against Arjun and Saanjh again.


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