Ragini and Vikram to work for a common aim in Ishqbaaz


Shivay conspires to stop Anika’s engagement. Anika’s feelings get awakened. She doesn’t want to get engaged. Shivay gets the power off. Anika gets scared and hugs Shivay. Shivay moves away Vikram and makes Anika wear the ring, taking advantage of the darkness. Shivay plays big drama. Anika understands Shivay has made her wear the ring. Ragini wants Anika and Vikram to get engaged and out of Shivay’s life.

Gauri, Bhavya and Rudra had a backup plan to stop engagement. Gauri feeds wine to Ragini. Ragini faints in the engagement. Vikram worries for Ragini and leaves Anika. Bhavya and Rudra doubt on Vikram and Ragini, that they are together and planning something. Their doubt turns true. Their task gets completed as Shivay and Anika got engaged.

Ragini and Vikram are planning to separate Shivay and Anika. They meet and make a conspiracy against Shivika. Shivay fails Ragini’s plan. Shivay tells Vikram that Anika spoiled the engagement because of Ragini, Anika could not make Vikram wear the ring. Ragini makes Vikram wear a ring quickly. She lies to Shivay and shows the ring in Vikram’s hand. She says Anika has made Vikram wear the ring later on. Shivay gets worried and thinks Anika cheated him, why did she do that. Ragini creates misunderstanding between them. Gauri comes up with an idea to stop the sangeet function. She gets the special laddoos to feed Anika and Shivay.

The laddoos have come from Bareilly on Gauri’s special order. Gauri had added bhaang in it to unite Shivay and Anika. She thought they can confront each other and sort out their issues. Gauri drops the laddoos in other box. She did not wish to spoil the function. The laddoos gets mixed. Pinky eats the laddoos and likes it a lot. She happily feeds the laddoos to everyone. Pinky asks Ragini and Vikram to have laddoos, nothing will happen if they have one. Gauri thinks to have one laddoo, she can’t resist her craving for sweets. She feels nothing will happen if anyone else is also affected by bhaang, just Anika and Shivay have to get together. Everyone faints after having the laddoos. Pinky wakes up after some time and realizes Gauri is behind the bhaang laddoos. Ragini spoils Anika’s makeup and upsets her. Gauri scolds Ragini and sends her. Gauri propers Anika’s makeup. Ragini wants to make sure Shivay and Anika’s misunderstandings continue.

Anika and Vikram’s sangeet ceremony will be seen. Shivay and Anika have eyes on each other. Shivay plans to get the sangeet in his favor again, just like he did in engagement. Shivay and Ragini dance, while Anika and Vikram dance in the sangeet. Shivay and Anika are connected by souls. The couples change partners in the dance. Shivika gets an opportunity to dance together. Shivay expresses his love for Anika via eyes. Anika wants him to speak up and is angry on his silence. Gauri and Omkara too dance with them. They are much in love, and still have to accept it. Same thing goes with Anika and Shivay. Ragini gets jealous seeing Shivay and Anika. Gauri stays cool as Anika’s marriage will surely stop midway. Shivay gets angry on Vikram, but Ragini takes Shivay with her.


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