Naira saves Naksh and Kirti’s engagement in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai


Naksh and Kirti’s engagement rings get missing, after Kartik gets into a fight with Aditya. Dadi says Naira took the responsibility to keep the rings. She asks Naira and everyone to find the rings. She tells them about the short mahurat. The entire family gets finding the ring, but doesn’t get it. Dadi worries that mahurat will end and then engagement can’t happen. Dadi finds it tough to get the ring in few seconds time. She starts panicking. Everyone thinks what to do. Naira comes up with an amazing idea and runs to get a thread. She gives the Mauli threads to Naksh and Kirti for exchanging instead rings. Naira and Kartik get the couple engaged. Naksh likes Naira’s idea. Everyone hugs and blesses Naksh and Kirti.

Dadi did not wish anything wrong to happen. Naira has responsibility of Naksh and Kirti’s happiness, and also has to keep balance between both the family. Naira has saved the engagement day with her smartness. Naira does her duties well. Dadi is ashamed and apologizes to everyone for losing the rings. She thanks Singhanias for understanding them. Goenkas get worried when Kartik goes with Singhanias alone. Dadi and Manish get upset. Naira says I will get him. Manish stops Naira. Dadi says no need to call Kartik, he should understand we need him. Naira worries and understands Kartik has gone to her family to support them, and fill Naira’s place. Kartik upsets Naira by a little fight. Goenka family supports Naira and turns upset with Kartik.


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