Neil becomes Aman’s target in Naamkarann


Neil and Avni celebrate Janmashtami. Neela, Aman and DD dance in the function. There is Dahi handi program lined in the event. Avni and Neil too dances with Neela and Aman. The entire locality people dance and celebrate the function. Avni did not know Neil is also coming in the function as the chief guest. Avni tries to convince Neil. She is doing everything to end his annoyance. Avni waits for Neil’s family to come. She wants to talk to Neil and is annoyed with him too. Neil gives her tashan and taunts her indirectly by talking to kids.

Neil dances around Avni and pours water over Avni. Avni too gets water and throws on him. Neil and Avni have a romantic moment. Aman stays positive in front of them and does drama. The Dahi handi program gets cancelled. Aman has kept a time bomb in it and asks them to keep the program else it will be an abshagun. A man asks Aman who has told such nonsense to him, nothing will happen. Aman tries making Neil break the dahi handi so that Neil dies in the blast. Neil will get injured and land in hospital post the blast.



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