Neela-Avni feel guilty over the misfortune in Naamkarann


Avni and Neil enjoy the Dahi handi competition. Neela learns about the time bomb planted in Dahi handi. Neil climbs the pyramid to break the Dandi. Neela shouts out to Neil to come down, there is a bomb in the pot. Neela gets to know the planning. Neela shouts a lot, but her voice does not reach Neil. Avni asks Neela what happened. Neela tells the truth to Avni. Avni gets a shock knowing about the bomb. Avni runs to alert Neil. Neil falls down when the bomb explodes. Neil gets wounded. The human pyramid breaks down.

Aman has made Neil the target of his plans to take revenge from Neil. Aman is planning all this along with Dayavanti and Gurumaa. Avni sees Neil injured and asks him not to punish her for her mistake. She requests him to please open eyes and get up. Neela apologizes and feels guilty as she could not alert Neil on time. Neela and Avni fear for Neil’s life. Avni asks someone to call ambulance. DD says ambulance will take much time to come. Neela doubts on Aman. Aman sees Neela spying on him and lies to her. Neela does not know Aman’s true motives. There will be major twists in the show with Dayavanti’s return.



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