Avni and Neil celebrate Janmashtami in Naamkarann


Dayavanti performs puja in the jail, while Avni and Neil do the aarti together in locality’s Janmashtami celebrations. Prakash does not stop by Shweta and Bebe’s saying. He totally supports Neil ad Avni. Bebe does not bless Avni and shows her annoyance. Neil sees Avni facing insult and annoyance by his family. He feels Avni was right to decide such. Prakash blesses Neil and Avni. Avni does not want Neil to face troubles because of him. She explains him that she does not want fights in his house.

Neil stops Avni to express his feelings. He asks her to think once before deciding to end ties with him. Destiny brings them together. Neil asks Avni to tell him how long will they stay this way. He wants their relation to reach a destination. She does not want Neil to choose between her and his family. Neil assures that they can solve the matter with ease. He tells her that they should better live their life. He asks her to stay free if she wants.

Aman shows his master plan to Dayavanti and Gurumaa. Dayavanti feels proud of Aman. Bebe gets into a dilemma and thinks if she has done injustice with Avni. Neil explains Bebe that they have spoiled things themselves, and now they are expecting Lord to set things fine. He asks Bebe to realize her mistake. Dayavanti and Aman hatch a plan to kill Neil and Avni together.


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