Raman saves Ishita from an attack in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Raman, Shagun and Ruhi try to find clues about the killer. They stop Ishita from going to clinic. Ishita does not want to stop her work by any fear. Raman does not want to take any risk. He thinks to take police protection. She tells him that they can catch the killer, but she has to live her normal life. Raman calls a bodyguard for Ishita. Ishita goes to clinic. Adi and Ruhi try to find the lady whom Ruhi spotted with Mani. Raman too accompanies Ishita at her work. She meets the patient, who conspires to kill him. Adi and Ruhi get info about the lady and call her up to meet. The lady agrees to meet Adi.

Ishita treats the goon, unknown that he has come with evil intentions. Raman sees Ishita working and stays alert. Raman’s attention diverts when a lady arrives there to meet Ishita. Raman attends the lady, while the goon proceeds to kill Ishita. Raman reaches Ishita in time and fails the goon’s plan. The lady tells Ishita about the possible clue. The goon informs killer about Ishita meeting watchman’s wife. He keeps an eye on Ishita. Adi lies to Raman and Ishita and thinks of meeting that lady. Raman tells Adi that they have to go and collect evidence from watchman’s wife. The family looks forward to celebrate Janmashtami, and assume the festival will set everything right for them.


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