Chandni falls in Pratham’s trap in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3


Chandni gets scared to go out of the house. Indrani asks her to leave all worries and get ready to go out with her would be husband Pratham. Pratham’s closeness irks Chandni. He gets ready to take Chandni out. Chandni controls her fears just for Indrani’s sake. Advay loses his cool on seeing Pratham with Chandni. Indrani recalls on how she has used Chandni for lying about Dev’s mum. Indrani has manipulated Chandni and made her believe what they showed her. Chandni’s blind belief on Indrani became reason of all the problems. Indrani got Mahant’s family murdered and also snatched Dev from Chandni. Advay does not want to know the complete story. He feels Chandni deserves his hatred. Nani asks him to think if Chandni is true. Mama is hurt when Chandni questions him about Dev.

Indrani doesn’t love Chandni. She is not Chandni’s mum, and hates her. She does not care for Chandni’s life getting ruined. Pratham takes Chandni for dinner. She soon finds herself trapped between the crowd, which triggers her trauma. She calls Indrani for help, who ignores her calls. Chandni then calls Advay. Advay asks her where is she. Chandni fails to inform him her location. Advay worries for Chandni. He realizes she is in deep trouble. Pratham takes Chandni with him. Chandni gets weakened. Advay reaches her before Pratham. Advay takes her out of the place. Chandni shares her sorrows with Advay. Advay tries controlling his emotions on seeing her tears. He acts stone hearted for a while. He then melts down seeing Chandni’s pain.


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