Shocking: Vivaan-Imli’s relation to turn bitter in Udaan


Imli and Vivaan have a huge confrontation. They both slap each other while arguing about their child. Imli gets angry on him and scolds him. Vivaan too gets angry on her and breaks the mirror. Vivaan asks Imli how can she hide such a big truth from him. He calls her a cheater. She asks him how can he talk badly with her. He asks her how dare she act of madness and fool him. He pushes her on the ground. Their fight goes on. Imli tells him that she loves him a lot, she can’t live without him. Imli has lied to him about her miscarriage. She was hiding from Vivaan that she has lost her baby.

Vivaan demands her to say truth. Imli then reveals to him that she did not get hurt and she did not fall, but when she woke up in the morning, she felt she has lost her baby. Vivaan feels painful when he knows the truth. He checks her reports that their baby has gone away from them much time before. He asks her why did she lie to him till now. Imli tells him that she has hidden this so that he does not walk on wrong path again.

Imli starts laughing that they lost their child. Vivaan asks her is she laughing on their sorrow, they lost their baby, did she not think a father should know about the child. She reminds him how badly he treated her when she broke the pregnancy news to him, this is the result of his bad deeds, he has thrown her out of haveli. They both blame each other. Vivaan hurts her and gets leaving. Imli begs him not to leave her and not do injustice again. Vivaan calls her mad and tells her that he just hates her. Vivaan and Imli’s relation turns bitter again. Imli gets depressed over her child’s loss.


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