Dayavanti disguises to murder Neil in Naamkarann


Avni stays with Neil in the hospital. Aman informs Dayavanti that Avni has gone home. Dayavanti finds this an opportunity to kill Neil. Aman and Dayavanti get after Neil’s life. Dayavanti takes a nurse’s disguise and goes to the hospital to kill Neil. She finds Neil unconscious. Dayavanti takes a pillow to suffocate him to death, just like she killed Aisha. She tells Neil that some pain will relief him from this world. She forgot that its not easy to kill Neil. Neil struggles for his life and falls down the bed. Avni hears the sound and comes to check on him.

Dayavanti hides on seeing Avni. Avni gets afraid seeing Neil’s condition and shouts to doctor and nurse. Avni and doctor make Neil lie on the bed. Avni looks for someone in the ward. Doctor treats Neil and normalizes him. Dayavanti takes multiple avatars to take Neil’s life. She tries to murder Neil so that Avni loses his support. Dayavanti then takes doctor’s disguise to give poison to Neil. Will Avni be able to save Neil? Keep reading.


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