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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman, Shagun and Ruhi try to find clues about the killer. They stop Ishita from going to clinic. Ishita does not want to stop her work by any fear. Raman does not want to take any risk. He thinks to take police protection. She tells him that they can catch the killer, but she has to live her normal life. Raman calls a bodyguard for Ishita. Ishita goes to clinic. Adi and Ruhi try to find the lady whom Ruhi spotted with Mani. Raman too accompanies Ishita at her work. She meets the patient, who conspires to kill him. Adi and Ruhi get info about the lady and call her up to meet. The lady agrees to meet Adi.


Dayavanti performs puja in the jail, while Avni and Neil do the aarti together in locality’s Janmashtami celebrations. Prakash does not stop by Shweta and Bebe’s saying. He totally supports Neil ad Avni. Bebe does not bless Avni and shows her annoyance. Neil sees Avni facing insult and annoyance by his family. He feels Avni was right to decide such. Prakash blesses Neil and Avni. Avni does not want Neil to face troubles because of him. She explains him that she does not want fights in his house.


Shivay confronts Ragini for calling a press conference and doing drama that she is his fiancee. He says you are not my family, you should have not done this, we are just good friends. He asks her why did she lie. She knows his feelings well. She says you are angry as I called Anika your ex wife. He asks her to mind her own business and not interfere in his life. Rudra asks Bhavya to do something to stop engagement. Bhavya comes up with a good solution to stop Vikram. Ragini passes taunts on Anika for losing Shivay forever. Shivay stops Vikram from holding Anika. He comes in between them and doesn’t let them get together. Vikram asks Anika to come forward for engagement. Anika feels sad and sees Shivay.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3:

Chandni gets scared to go out of the house. Indrani asks her to leave all worries and get ready to go out with her would be husband Pratham. Pratham’s closeness irks Chandni. He gets ready to take Chandni out. Chandni controls her fears just for Indrani’s sake. Advay loses his cool on seeing Pratham with Chandni. Indrani recalls on how she has used Chandni for lying about Dev’s mum. Indrani has manipulated Chandni and made her believe what they showed her. Chandni’s blind belief on Indrani became reason of all the problems. Indrani got Mahant’s family murdered and also snatched Dev from Chandni. Advay does not want to know the complete story. He feels Chandni deserves his hatred. Nani asks him to think if Chandni is true. Mama is hurt when Chandni questions him about Dev.


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