Advay and Chandni get engaged in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3


Chandni and Pratham’s engagement time brings more tension for her. Chandni does not want to get engaged to Pratham, but he is very excited. Pratham shows her the diamond ring to please her. Pratham holds her hand to make her wear the ring. Chandni gets hesitant to give her hand. Pratham is already married, and Chandni does not know his past. She hides her traumatic past from Pratham. He takes a step to get engaged. Advay stops Chandni. He proposes Chandni and confesses his love to Chandni, in front of Pratham, Indrani and entire family. Advay stuns everyone by making Chandni wear his ring. Pratham asks Indrani to see what’s happening. Chandni is tensed. She has realized she does not love Pratham, he is not the right man for her.

Pratham is evil minded. She has sensed Pratham’s intentions and doesn’t see her future with him. Advay has come with a motive. He is determined to have Chandni in her life and then confront her for the past mistakes. Advay wants to achieve Chandni. A little baby will be coming in the next track. Advay sees Chandni’s attachment with the baby and doubts that its Chandni’s baby. Chandni meets Daima secretly and gets the baby. Advay follows Chandni and keeps an eye on her.


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