IshRa finds a way to reach evidence in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Today Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Unthinkable Discovery

Everyone worry for Ishita who has taken big risk. Shagun gets to hear about the danger on Ishita because of her. She gets sad. Ishita suggests Adi should stay back home and be with Shagun to handle her. Adi does not want Raman to go alone. Raman agrees with Ishita. Ishita does not feel scared when she goes hunting for an important evidence, that could make her reach Mani’s murderer. The killer’s hired goon attacks watchman’s wife to get the proof. Adi tries avoiding work. Adi thinks of meeting Priya and know her relation with Mani. He tries solving a problem. He fixes a meeting with Priya again. Shagun feels sorry as everyone is doing a lot for her. Ashok comes to meet Shagun. Shagun does the drama in front of him. Shagun’s behavior makes Ashok suspicious.

Ashok gets convinced by Shagun’s drama. Ashok goes and tries to confirm from Shagun’s doctor. He gets a shock knowing the secret Bhallas are hiding, that Shagun has regained her memory and they all are cheating him. He plans to teach them a lesson. watchman’s wife runs away and hides from the goon. Raman and Ishita arrive at the locality to collect the evidence. The goon sees them coming and thinks of hiding before they spot him. Raman gets a clue in the dahi handi pot. Ashok attempts to hurt Shagun.


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