Indrani’s dark deeds gets revealed in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3


Pratham comes home to find Chandni. He calls her irresponsible to leave without informing him. He tells Chandni’s sisters that Chandni has gone missing. Advay gets Chandni home. Pratham gets frustrated that he could not get Chandni, even after much planning. Indrani assures she will help him. Pratham does not know that Advay saved Chandni. Indrani aims to get money by dealing Chandni, and also her property. She does not care if Chandni lives or dies. Chandni learns that Advay has saved her. Advay thinks of the truth he has seen in Chandni’s eyes. He feels like reviving his friendship. He thinks to find if Chandni is really the culprit or innocent like his Nani feels. Chandni is thankful that Advay saved her. Advay’s heart starts inclining for Chandni.

Indrani upsets Mama by her deeds. Mama asks her how she lives without any guilt. Mama reveals that Indrani is the one who got Chandni kidnapped and go through that trauma. Indrani wanted to weaken Chandni, so that she can make her a puppet. Indrani’s sins get known. Indrani wants to throw Chandni out of her life. She hides her evil side from Chandni. She apologizes to Chandni and fools her by lies.

Chandni secretly meets someone. Advay sees Chandni meeting a lady, who gives her a little baby. Chandni hides the baby from the family. Chandni and Mama ji together cover up the secret. Advay doubts on Chandni. He tries finding details about the baby. His melting heart turns to stone again. He feels Chandni has cheated him by her innocence.


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