Ishqbaaz: ShiVika take a merry decision


Ragini and Vikram have an argument. She gets angry on his stupidity and counts her family’s favors on him. Vikram gets helpless to support Ragini to pay back her favors. Ragini realizes Vikram could not exchange rings with Anika. She asks him to rectify his mistake. Ragini lies to Shivay that Anika and Vikram have exchanged the rings. She saddens him, asking for the pre marriage functions. Shivay gets angry with Anika. Bhavya leaves a letter for Rudra and goes for her mission to catch the gangster. Rudra feels Bhavya does not care for them, so she has left them in hour of need. Gauri asks him to go and find Bhavya. Rudra refuses to her. Gauri is sure that Shivay will stop the marriage, as he did engagement today by his own wish. She tells Rudra that they will keep all pre wedding functions so that Shivay’s jealousy gets high, which will make him stop the wedding. Gauri prepares Anika for functions.

Shivay meets Anika and asks her what does she want, if she does not want to marry Vikram. He becomes her wedding planner. Anika does not side her ego. Rudra tries finding Bhavya. Shivay’s frustration gets high on seeing Vikram going to meet Anika. He tries stopping Vikram by giving many reasons. The Sangeet function gets Bareilly Ki Barfi stars. Anika asks Shivay to stop her one last time if he really wills her to be in his life. Shivay doesn’t side his ego. They both state they are right on their fronts. She asks him if her marriage with Vikram right. Shivay leaves everything on her wish. Anika tells him that she is not happy with whatever happening. She tells her decision to cancel the marriage. They have a moment and finally confess what they mean to each other. Shivay asks Anika to cancel everything right away. They get together and happy to cancel the marriage drama. Shivika’s marriage functions will be seen.


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