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Ishqbaaz: Ragini and Vikram have an argument. She gets angry on his stupidity and counts her family’s favors on him. Vikram gets helpless to support Ragini to pay back her favors. Ragini realizes Vikram could not exchange rings with Anika. She asks him to rectify his mistake. Ragini lies to Shivay that Anika and Vikram have exchanged the rings. She saddens him, asking for the pre marriage functions. Shivay gets angry with Anika. Bhavya leaves a letter for Rudra and goes for her mission to catch the gangster. Rudra feels Bhavya does not care for them, so she has left them in hour of need. Gauri asks him to go and find Bhavya. Rudra refuses to her.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3:

Pratham comes home to find Chandni. He calls her irresponsible to leave without informing him. He tells Chandni’s sisters that Chandni has gone missing. Advay gets Chandni home. Pratham gets frustrated that he could not get Chandni, even after much planning. Indrani assures she will help him. Pratham does not know that Advay saved Chandni. Indrani aims to get money by dealing Chandni, and also her property. She does not care if Chandni lives or dies. Chandni learns that Advay has saved her. Advay thinks of the truth he has seen in Chandni’s eyes. He feels like reviving his friendship.


Aman plants the bomb in the dahi handi. Avni looks around for Neil and hides her feelings from Neela. Even though, Neela understands Avni’s feelings. Neil and Avni have a meet, following by annoyance. Avni asks Neil to break the Dahi handi. They all dance and celebrate Janmashtami in the locality. Neil and Avni express their emotions via the song. Neela feels something is fishy. She gets suspicious and learns about the bomb planted. Neil and Avni have a romantic moment. Neela gets them closer. Neil goes for breaking the Dahi handi.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Kartik and Manish apologize to Kirti and promise to be with her without any fights and issues. Kirti gets happiness, all thanks to Naira. Pandit meets Goenkas, but couldn’t tell about Shuddikaran puja. Naira too sees the pandit and wonders why did he come here. Baisa and Rukmani come to take Kirti from home for the puja. Baisa makes an excuse and stops Pandit from revealing anything to Goenkas. Baisa lies that puja is for Naksh and Kirti’s prosperity. Dadi asks Kirti to come and meet her inlaws.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Everyone worry for Ishita who has taken big risk. Shagun gets to hear about the danger on Ishita because of her. She gets sad. Ishita suggests Adi should stay back home and be with Shagun to handle her. Adi does not want Raman to go alone. Raman agrees with Ishita. Ishita does not feel scared when she goes hunting for an important evidence, that could make her reach Mani’s murderer. The killer’s hired goon attacks watchman’s wife to get the proof. Adi tries avoiding work. Adi thinks of meeting Priya and know her relation with Mani. He tries solving a problem. He fixes a meeting with Priya again. Shagun feels sorry as everyone is doing a lot for her. Ashok comes to meet Shagun. Shagun does the drama in front of him. Shagun’s behavior makes Ashok suspicious.


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