Pooja to make a shocking charity in Piyaa Albela


Naren leaves from home in his car. The police stops him to check his car. Inspector tells Naren that he got informed that Naren is carrying drugs. Naren does not fear for anything as he is innocent. He asks inspector to go ahead and do his duty, there is nothing he has to hide from police. Police checks Naren’s car and gets drugs from his bag. Naren gets a huge shock on getting trapped by his enemies. Pooja witnesses Naren’s new problem and gets worried. She realizes Neelima is behind the conspiracy, and everything is happening just for money.

Pooja takes a decision to donate 100 crores. The family receive a shock by her step. Pooja asks Guru ji why did he come home. Guru ji asks for Naren. He tells Pooja that he has come to take something from the house and he will definitely take it. Pooja is ready to give big amount to free Naren. She says maybe this house’s good time will come back by charity. She wants to clear Naren’s name from the drugs case and agrees to give the money to greedy Guru ji. She tells Guru ji that she will name the money to his ashram. Neelima and Guru ji plan to get the money from Pooja. Pooja can lose anything to get Naren. She has explained Neelima a lot, but seeing Naren in trouble, she wants Naren to get justice by the evil doer’s hands. She is using the money to make Neelima and Guru ji help Naren. She knows just money can blind Guru ji.



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