Neelima dances on Pooja’s tunes in Piyaa Albela


Pooja does charity of 100 crores. She comes up with this plan to fool Neelima, Guru ji and Rahul. Pooja smartly outdoes Neelima. She is teaching a lesson to Neelima in her language. Neelima has returned the house keys to Supriya. She asks Supriya to manage her responsibilities again. Naren is in jail. Pooja was not able to see Naren’s parents getting ill treated.

Pooja also treats Neelima badly. She makes Neelima dance by using money. Pooja gives leave to servants. She makes Neelima shift Supriya and Harish’s bags back to their rooms. She gets troubled and tired to take the heavy bags upstairs. Pooja will be breaking Rahul and Neelima’s unity. Rahul asks Neelima did she go mad to return the keys to Supriya. Neelima asks him does he think his parents are fools. They have an argument.


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